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Purple Cow Media stands for editorial excellence, independent voices, high-quality research and clean, eye-catching design.

We love the internet, social media, blogs and platforms, but we are passionate about print: print confers value, exclusivity and a tactile relationship with the product. People turn to the Internet for news, opinion and chatter; people turn to magazines because they reflect something about the reader's life and aspirations back to them.

Any magazine carrying our logo means cutting-edge, challenging and hype-free content, coupled with hard-hitting, topical features. We promise to give a platform to emerging thinkers and strategists, not just the usual suspects.

Our publications reach into business communities at boardroom level; we target the decision makers. We talk to the analysts, but never recycle their opinions without question.

Purple Cow Media believes that business leaders crave strong, independent editorial voices, not content dictated by vendors and their PR departments. Advertisers are important, but we believe they want to be associated with the clearest, most articulate voice and the deepest understanding of target communities.

If you advertise with us, then we are not here to focus on how much you have in your budget; we want to work with you to produce bespoke campaigns that are going to result in more business for your company - and value for our readers. But our editorial remains independent: we do not sell editorial space.

Purple Cow magazines are not afraid to have a strong personality and a clear, identifiable voice: indeed, we believe they are essential, as those are two defining attributes of successful business leaders.

This is the Purple Cow promise: we promise to be tough, independent and on the money; we promise to share strong opinions; we promise to be high-quality, campaigning, controversial, forward-looking, and realistic, and we promise that our editorial will not endorse any company's products or services.

Purple Cow Media provides 'must read' magazines, and will be partnering with leading organisations to share information and ideas that benefit the reader. We aim to stand out from the crowd and be remarkable.



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Content is informative, not obvious, and it has experienced voices in there.

Leslie Willcocks, London School of Economics & Political Science