Professional Outsourcing magazine along with its series of Special Report supplements and website are completely independent and free from any vendor influenced editorial. They are recognised by key industry figures for their hard-hitting investigative editorial that pull no punches. In addition, they are the magazines and website for strategic decision-makers. Each magazine gives you:
Focus: The key vendors, the key people, the big picture, and the small print.
Analysis: Expert commentary on the stories and themes of the moment.
Management Briefings: Sector-by-sector reports and high-level advice.

Our series of Special Report supplements cover in-depth the following topics: Shared Services, BPO, Financial Services, Offshore, Nearshore, Onshore, Cloud Services, Call & Contact Centres. With its ABC-audited circulation reaching the key decision makers in both in the UK and overseas, this is the magazine that outsourcing decision makers look to for expert advice, guidance and thought leadership. If you want to place your companies name right under the noses of the key decision makers in the outsourcing industry then Professional Outsourcing Magazine and website can help you achieve that Independent editorial not advertorial

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Readers by industry sector:

Public Sector = 26%
IT & Telecoms = 20%
Banking, Insurance & Finance = 22%
Energy & Utilities = 9%
Leisure & Tourism = 6%
Manufacturing & Retail = 12%
Transport & Logistics = 5%

Size of company by number of employees:

500 - 1,000 = 7%
1,000 - 5,000 = 14%
5,000 - 10,000 = 31%
10,000 - 20,000 = 30%
20,000+ = 18%

Readers by position in company/organization:

President and Vice president, Managing Director and Directors of Financial, IT, Procurement, HR, logistics, Marketing, Communications, Business Development
Group Heads and Heads of Finance, HR, Public Service Division, BPO, Sourcing, Shared Services , Communications, Marketing, PR, Education, Contract, Management
Managers of Procurement, Sourcing, Shared Services, IT, Business Process, Logistics, Business Development, Marketing, Relationship, Supply Chain,
General Counsel and Outsourcing Partners/Directors of Legal, Accountancy, Consultants and Analyst companies

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As a wholly independent magazine built on strong editorial with in-depth features we have built integrity with our readers and investors that is measured by its continuing success.


"Professional Outsourcing Magazine consistently delivers well informed, provocative and up-to-the-minute articles and features necessary for understanding a market on the move. My own work sits well with their focus on independent, new content, and I am pleased to see my work published in this important source of information and insight."

Leslie Willcocks
Director of the Outsourcing Unit
London School of Economics and Political science

"Sourcing the provision of corporate services is a 21 st Century business challenge, get it right and your business will be more successful, get it wrong and you can really damage your company's performance. Professional Outsourcing delivers highly informed, relevant, practical and challenging insights in to this critical area of business. It's a publication for people interested in outsourcing produced by people who understand the subject."

Myron Hrycyk
Severn Trent Water

"Professional Outsourcing has proved to be an invaluable partner in our efforts to get Scotland's proposition in front of a key industry audience. Their depth of knowledge, contacts in the sector and eagerness to go the extra mile to add value to our outreach are all hugely impressive. We are confident that a continued partnership with Professional Outsourcing will contribute towards delivering real results for Scotland."

Douglas McCheyne
Senior Marketing Executive
Scottish Development International

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The following companies appear in our magazine and website(many of them on a regular, series booking):

HP, WNS, Serco, Sitel, HML, Logica, NIIT Technologies, bss, Belcom Worldwide, Luxoft, CSC, IBM, SDI, BDO, Emergn, Capgemini, Wipro, Raytheon, Sage, Ricoh, Wilkins Kennedy, Dynalucid, Compella Group, Aquira, Xerox, Shared Services Forum, PA Consulting, OB10, BIFM, OCE, Herotsc, Response, Teleperformance, Memset, TNT, BPeSA, Baker Tilly Revas, Advance365, Burnt Oak Partnership, Laurent Beaumont, Parseq, Nimbus, Berlin Partnership, Invest Northen Ireland , SJB Group, South Africa DTI, HSS, Outsourcing Malaysia and more.


Analyst, Academic and Event companies

NelsonHall, Gartner, Forrester, Ovum, The LSE Outsourcing unit(London School of Economics), University of Strathclyde, Loughborough University/ Business school, Intellect, Sift media, SSON, Marketforce, Revolution Events, IQPC Exchange, Econique, UBM, Frost & Sullivan, NOA/EOA, Great Idea, Shared Services Forum,, World BPO/ITO Forum.

Advertising and Sponor opportunities:

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We can also offer the following:

  • Themed and focused supplements covering, BPO, Shared Services, Offshore/Nearshore/Onshore, Financial Services
  • Bespoke individual supplement(only one sponsor allowed)
  • Bespoke thought leadership videos
  • Bespoke Exclusive Senior Executive dinner events
  • Sponsored Round Tables
  • Inserts
  • Bellybands
  • Gatefolds
  • White papers


For further information on the above please contact us on the following:

Jon Yarlett
Phone: +44 7508 777786

Nigel Winter
Phone: +44 7508 765786

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I would recommend this to any professional who wants serious insight into the industry.

Alex Blues, PA Consulting Group