Further warnings on protectionism

news rss | 15.03.2017

CIO Magazine has added its voice to those warning about protectionism in the US and its impact on industries including the sourcing industry.

This is turning into the least surprising news story since the discovery of what bears do in the woods or the religious orientation of the Pope, but never mind.

The article (to which we’ve linked above) refers to the issues surrounding the H-1B visa scheme which we’ve mentioned before, but more crucially in our view it mentions but doesn’t explore automation.

This is where the big issue is going to arise. Whether through software or hardware, robotics is going to take quite a toll on the job market and there is very little that can be done about it. The new - and hard though it is to believe it’s only been a couple of months - administration can say what it wishes about keeping jobs in the US; if it’s an American robot taking someone out of the job market rather than an Indian one, how much better are they expecting the employee to feel?

news rss | 15.03.2017


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