More jobs in Malaysia for GBS

news rss | 31.08.2016

The global business services (GBS) sector is growing in Malaysia, with another 6000 jobs expected there by the end of the year, says the Malaysian Digest.

It carries an interview with the Malaysian Digital Economy Corp which suggests that in spite of a slack economy there has been no slowdown in the territory. The country has also been involved in a 20-company-strong graduate scheme that involved (obviously) attracting young people to the sector.

This will hopefully go some way to addressing a worldwide problem in which younger people are not moving into IT at all - it’s not seen as an appealing option, partly because it’s a mature industry (and not the exciting vibrant new thing it was 20 years ago), partly because young people have seen their forbears losing jobs and having them cut and partly because their parents do it and they want something different.

Professional Outsourcing Magazine will try to report on whether those new jobs actually materialise.




news rss | 31.08.2016


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