Since the formation of Professional Outsourcing Magazine, Nigel and Jon have put in the considerable effort required to develop and maintain a highly visible presence at the leading BPO and outsourcing events in the U.K. Their outreach is very strong and the magazine is becoming a key vehicle in ensuring high visibility for the BPO and outsourcing industry.

    John Wilmott


    The need to report on and explore the complexities of outsourcing cannot be overstated and Professional Outsourcing has captured this well month on month. The topics are relevant and have impact and we've found them to be very helpful in providing detail around key topics that are not always published in the mainstream media channels. As a partner, Professional Outsourcing is a key partner in helping share thought leadership and knowledge with peers and experts in the market, allowing all of us to be better informed.

    Alex Adamopoulos


    Professional Outsourcing magazine has quickly established itself as one of the leading voices of the outsourcing and BPO market. It has done this through its unyielding insistence on editorial over advertorial; views over marcomms.

    Guy Kirkwood


    Professional Outsourcing is the only outsourcing title we have an ongoing commitment with. It is a publication that reflects the quality and consistency we strive for on behalf of our clients, and we are therefore very happy to be associated with it. The magazine has a strong reputation in the outsourcing sector and the people behind it are professional, proactive and a genuine pleasure to deal with.

    Julian Wells


    A superb read; It's so nice to have a real magazine rather than an 'e' magazine; It is retro but it works. I found the magazine refreshingly honest, not full of the usual drab vendor influenced editorial. I would recommend this to any fellow professional who wants serious insight into the outsourcing industry.

    Alex Blues


    Sitel has advertised in Professional Outsourcing Magazine since issue 1 as it provides readers with intelligent editorial and features.

    Global Vice President


    We continue to value our partnership with Professional Outsourcing as much their independent and informed editorial is valued and respected by the sector - which is to say, enormously. SDI, and Scotland, can only benefit by association with the publication and the PO team continue to offer greater and greater value through constant innovation and improvement of service delivery.

    Douglas McCheyne


    Sourcing the provision of corporate services is a 21 st Century business challenge, get it right and your business will be more successful, get it wrong and you can really damage your company's performance. Professional Outsourcing delivers highly informed, relevant, practical and challenging insights in to this critical area of business. It's a publication for people interested in outsourcing produced by people who understand the subject.

    Myron Hrycyk


    Professional Outsourcing Magazine consistently delivers well informed, provocative and up-to-the-minute articles and features necessary for understanding a market on the move. My own work sits well with their focus on independent, new content, and I am pleased to see my work published in this important source of information and insight.

    Leslie Willcocks



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I would recommend this to any professional who wants serious insight into the industry.

Alex Blues, PA Consulting Group