Ofcom clampdown gets response

news rss | 16.03.2017

Reactions to Ofcom’s (Ofcom is the telecommunications regulator in the UK) clampdown on outbound marketing calls have started to come in. As of the first of this month there have been new regulations in play that describe numerous unwanted calls as “misuse”, and the contact centre industry needs to be aware of this.

Nic Marshall, the CEO of ResQ, which claims to operate the only contact centres in the country to register 0% abandoned calls and nuisance rates, has launched ‘Why Not Zero?’, a campaign in support of the regulatory body that he hopes will change perceptions of a ‘much maligned’ industry. He said:

“We’re actually delighted about what Ofcom are doing. For many years now, we have been driving the industry forward and developing something called Responsible Telemarketing … almost in anticipation of this day.

“This is the only ready-made responsible approach to complete compliance that’s fully in line with Ofcom requirements - and it’s here right now. It also has all the commercial advantages of automated dialling such as heightened productivity, improved contact rates and greater opportunity to convert, so our clients love it too.”

He continues at length in the press release – we can only applaud the initiative, as well as offering a respectful hat-tip to someone using criticism of their industry as a cue for a bit of publicity!

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news rss | 16.03.2017


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