Trump’s latest immigration controls face obstacle

news rss | 16.03.2017

Not strictly a sourcing story but relevant in the light of the controversies over H-1B visas and the current US administration’s “America First” view is the status of the president’s latest attempt to “control” immigration.

The latest development – as we write, and things tend to move very quickly in these matters -  is that a federal judge in Hawaii has blocked the latest attempt to reinstate the 90-day restriction on certain countries. Trump has been very clear that this isn’t a Muslim ban; unfortunately his advisors have mentioned in the past that he asked them specifically how to make such a thing legal.

The judge’s decision presumably tells us that he hasn’t done so quite yet. Trump, meanwhile, has stated that the judgement is “flawed” and a case of “unprecedented judicial overreach”.

Six other states are also taking action against the ban. Sorry, temporary restriction.


news rss | 16.03.2017


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